About Andrea


Andrea Gaze


As a young girl from age 5, all Andrea wanted to do was to be a ballet dancer, many told her she would never make it as physically she wasn't right. Andrea spent many years from age 17 as a professional classical ballet dancer in the UK with the London Festival Ballet (now known as English National Ballet) working with legends such as Rudolf Nureyev and then dancing and singing in musicals in Australia.


After returning to Australia, Andrea choreographed two opera productions in Western Australia and then fell into theatre production and became a highly sought after Opera and Music Theatre Stage Manager, Assistant Director and Casting Co-ordinator Australia wide. She considers being Stage Manager for

2 years on the original Cameron Mackintosh production of Phantom of the Opera in Melbourne and Sydney a huge highlight.


She became mother to 2 sons after Phantom and chose to leave her theatre career to focus on them, though she still worked with Performers Management and small Arts Organisations in administration part time. In 1998 she became the Administrator of the Brian Stacey Memorial Trust, after being on the Events Committee for it's first 2 years, a role she proudly carried out to it's 20th and final year in 2016 (Stacey being one of her dearest friends and colleagues tragically killed in a motorbike accident) She worked part time in Fashion after her marriage broke up and then found herself casting shows again for 3 Production Company musicals. After some further casting work fell through, she enrolled herself in a Cert 3 & 4 course to study Fitness and Personal training for a few months. Before she'd even qualified, APT had been born, people requesting to train with her, catching Andrea's contagious wave of enthusiasm and excitement with her new found thirst for learning, skills and teaching and an ignited passion that brought all her worlds of experience together, one of them to connect with people and ‘make a difference to their lives’. 


Andrea also thanks the power of exercise for getting her through some really dark tough times in her own life and believes vehemently it is the best natural anti-depressant anyone can have. After six years running her own mobile personal training business as well as portable pilates, Andrea branched out into studio based small group sessions and personal training. She has developed her own style of sessions in mobility and body strength, Pilates mat and stretching, or a combination of all three. She incorporates all the functional movement patterns as well as working on body alignment, posture, balance, strength & control plus mindful effective stretching. 


After undertaking extensive training from April 2015, Andrea qualified as one of the first bodyART training Instructors in Australia in October 2015. She undertook further bodyART training in 2016 & 2017 & became a bodyART Ambassador & Master Trainer for Australia.  BodyART training, established by Swiss born, Robert Steinbacher in 1994, is recognised and well established thoughout Europe and the USA. BodyART has a totally holistic approach to exercise and movement and gives the class a 'complete experience' internally as well as functionally externally. Based on the five elements of Chinese medicine and the yin & yang balance in life, bodyART keeps the stress away from the joints and strengthens & releases the entire body. (See The ABC of APT to read more) 

2017 saw the launching of LifeART with long time friend and colleague Kate Sadler, this was a collaboration hatched back in 2015 . . . it's success for the past 3 years mean more exciting LifeART in 2020 & beyond!

Andrea proudly helped deliver the first all Australian bodyART Level 1 Instructor Training education working with Marcus Irwin, Lisa Westlake and Lynley Gladdis in both Sydney & Melbourne in Nov 2017 for bodyART Australia.

This same team also presented bodyART - Empowerment by the Elements at Filex 2018 in Sydney. Andrea also spent a time in Spain in Oct of 2018 doing intensive bodyART Training with 4 Global Master Trainers, making new European bodyART friends and connections for the future. In Sept 2019 APT hosted an open bodyART Masterclass and the 2 day bodyART L2 Stretch Training with Hungarian Master Trainer Balazs Borsodi. 


Andrea was recently a Presenter for the first Australian Healthy Ageing Summit in March/April 2020 that went virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She presented her own 'Mobility Matters' Method to help more of the growing ageing Australian population to gain & maintain mobility & move well for a quality independent life. 

APT pivoted online in 24 hours in March 2020, due to Melb lock-downs the entire APT Schedule and additional sessions went live via Zoom until it was possible to bring a balance of both Studio & Online. Online has provided greater accessibility & connection, and it's been exciting entering the virtual world.


Now working for over 13 years in the Health & Fitness Industry running her own business, Andrea has carefully globally sourced the most innovative multi purposed mobile equipment and methods. She has developed skills to provide individual or small group workouts & experiences that bring new synergy, mobility, understanding and confidence to every person she works with. Andrea has a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of ages as well as people living with daily life challenging conditions. Andrea believes in helping everyone find the joy of movement and delights in the friendly, supportive and fun APT Community that has evolved. Her attention to detail, intuition, understanding & care, for every individual client is what APT clients love and what sets APT apart.