Barre & Stretch

APT uses the principles of ballet barre in a user friendly up-beat way. With her professional Ballet background – Andrea will challenge your body to lengthen, strengthen and become more flexible with these special sequences. Often integrated when appropriate, into any of the APT session. 


One on One Assisted Stretch Sessions have also been added to Andrea's toolbox. Available in both Studios, assisted stretching will leave you feeling re-vitalised and agile - Andrea uses her ballet, health & fitness knowledge and experience, which includes PNF resistance stretching that gives a deeper more lasting stretch/release & can provide new or added mobility to people suffering with lack of mobility inhibiting their quality of life. 


What have you enjoyed most about your Small Group Training with APT @ Phoenix Studio ?


"Ballet barre"



"I met Andrea while she was completing her Personal Trainer qualifications with my company. She was an exceptional student with a strong background in dance. As a mature age student she is the type of person the personal training world needs more of. Punctual, diligent, thorough and a pleasure to be around."




“Definitely better than a massage. . . another fabulous benefit Andrea

has in her kit! I will include stretch sessions into the program Andrea has created for me. . . moving and improving all the time. Thank you so much.”

APT PT & Assisted Stretch Client