LifeART is here!

A collaboration from 35 years of friendship and 20 years keeping a legacy alive driven by music and love, LifeART will tap into pure joy . . . LifeART is officially launched! Here's your opportunity to book into the very first ever unique LifeART Workshop experience. Two dates and venues to choose from - Info/bookings here

Are you really ‘listening’ to your body?

We are all given a body and a mind to drive it, but how many of us hear our body but are not really ‘listening’? I was in the shower today, where a lot of ideas and processing seems to happen for me. I’d just done a short mindful movement to music workout for 10 minutes beforehand and this came into my head like a flashing light bulb! However it’s been evolving in my mind for a while. Many things have been going on in my personal life as far as physical and mental health are concerned. Yes I am a Personal Trainer and Pilates/bodyART Instructor and yes my background has been as a professional ballet dancer. It struck me recently that I have never really thanked my body for allowing me to put

Stretch and take your time.

Here's the stretch I suggest you do after the APT Tabata #1 in the previous blog post. Take your time, this is so important, a rushed stretch is really a waste of time. I always advise 3 slow breathes for a static stretch, but release slightly on the inhale and deepen the stretch on the exhale. Being totally in the moment allows not only a deeper more effective stretch it enables calm space in your mind. Tabata #1 & Stretch #1 = 5 minute workout (or say 6 or 7 minutes max) Everyone has a few minutes - let you be your priority, not your no time excuse default. You deserve it :)

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