'Free of pain for nearly 10 years now, is a wonderful gift.'

My story of training with Andrea – so far. It has been a pleasure for me to have Andrea as a special part of my life for the last ten years, during which time I have had weekly training sessions with her. I have found Andrea to be a delightful mix of being very professional, talented, and always studying and learning more, while also being very warm hearted and friendly. What I have appreciated so much in these one on one sessions with Andrea is the instruction, guidance, inspiration, and feedback, that I have received so consistently from her, and that she is observing me in ways I could never observe myself. So there are always refinements that can be made in the exercises she is teaching

Never give up - hold on to 'hope'

Sharing my APT Story of over 10 years Having had the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease since 1995 (when I was 42) , I decided to retire from my hectic life in 2004 as the prognoses were that I would have a slowly deteriorating physical and mental ability with increased stiffness and reduced dexterity as the years progressed. This proved to be the case so I took up a regime of massage and exercise (mainly stretching). This was helpful but was supported by a lot of drugs to combat the effects of PD (lots of tablets and direct injections of L-Dopa.) By 2008, I had most of the classic signs of PD, and the need for exercise on a regular basis was obvious. Fortunately, through a mutual friend, I m

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