10 Feb 2020

Today I was sitting in a Cafe having a coffee with a lovely young Danish girl who is super fit and strong and an avid Cross Fitter. We talked about how often she trains and how it helps and challenges her mentally, not just physically. She is doing 14 training sessions...

1 Nov 2019

Why I cringe at the words Fitness & Personal Training - the hidden negatives.

Re-claiming, re-inventing and re-freshing In 2020 :)                   

Now in the so called Health & Fitness business coming up 12 years with a couple o...

18 Jul 2019

My big challenge . . . it's not a fad or a fitness trend.

11 Mar 2019

Asking myself this basic question, WHO AM I ? and being brutally honest with myself, was confronting but revealing, in the sense, one can realise looking back, how you have not only evolved, but there have been several versions of you to this point. My outpouring here...

14 Oct 2018

So let me ask you a question, when you looked at this pic, what was the first thing you looked at?

The nicely defined muscles or the red dumbbell weighing about 4 or 5 Kilos?

What went through your head . . . I would like to look like that? That girl looks strong an...

22 Sep 2018

APT Client Personal Success:

I am excited and super proud of one of my very special clients this week. Let me tell you why.

  1. First Step - When this client first contacted me she was very nervous & vulnerable and it was a huge step just to make contact and talk about...

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Pilates, Prison & the power of the Breathe

February 10, 2020

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