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We need to address all areas of ourselves to be healthy & happy - Mind, Body, Spirit & Human Connect

APT worked regularly as part of a rehabilitation program for St Vincent’s Hospital using Pilates for the St Paul’s Unit of Port Phillip Prison. This involved teaching the inmates the great and many benefits of the power of exercise and pilates, to help with everyday life stress and create awareness and self reliance tools.

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APT began 2018 & 2019 with the bodyART Basic 3 week program  at Burnley Backyard Community Centre - now you can book this for your home or workplace - reach out here


APT collaborated in 2017 with Kate Sadler to create LifeART - in a world where pressure, stress and expectation drives us, LifeART is a welcome shot of pure joy

Andrea & Kate presented LifeART at The Womens Health & Fitness Summit at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne in Nov 2018. After 3 years of successfully hosting LifeART Events, we are now focussing on Workplace Wellness and would love to bring this life-changing experience to your workplace or next wellness fundraiser.    2020 put a little hiccup in the mix - however in 2021 we have new online skills - the sky is the limit! 

APT did 2 afternoon workshops 'Pilates for everyday life' with the Zimbabwe Community Healthy Living Group. 

APT has done regular Group Fitness Coaching and Pilates at the Cabrini, Malvern EFM Health Club.


APT created a special Core, Align & Flex Class in 2015 for Dynamic Boxing Fitness in Balwyn. 

APT was teaching bodyART & Mobility & Stretching for Miss Spartan Family Friendly Fitness in Balwyn & Surrey Hills in 2018 & 2019 on a regular basis. 


If you are interested in a workshop or setting up a workplace wellness program or for a group of friends who want to work out and get fit together, talk to APT . We would love to chat to you and create a session/s that are accessable and beneficial – exercise not only helps you feel good and build better health & fitness, it also improves communication, confidence, self esteem & productivity! How about forming your own bodyART or Pilates class - talk to APT about it.  


In 2020 APT pivoted the entire schedule and extras online in 24 hours in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic and going into lock-down. This has added another very flexible option for opportunities with workplace wellness and workshops - logistically APT can deliver a live online interactive session anywhere in the world. We have enjoyed interacting with several colleagues and friends from around the globe joining weekly free online classes or booking in during quarantine and more!  


The MINDful MOVEment with Apt.                <Caption above: World Ovarian Cancer Day - APT joining hands to raise awareness>




I have known Andrea for 12 months now and would highly recommend her. Andrea is a committed professional with all the necessary understanding, compassion, empathy, leadership qualities and team orientated collaboration that is necessary for the role of Pilates instructor here in St Paul’s.

Andrea built rapport with the patient’s extremely quickly in this very challenging environment. The patient’s always looked forward to Andrea’s group and I received excellent feedback from them regarding the way the sessions were run and the explanation of the benefits of Pilates for their physical and mental health.

Andrea’s contribution was an integral part of the rehabilitation of the patient’s in St Paul’s by providing them with exercise, distraction, focus on positives, balance, control, patience, breathing and Pilates also created a calming state for these people who are finding life extremely challenging.

Thank you Andrea, you will definitely be missed by your students and staff alike.

Peter McAlpine
Program Coordinator
Port Phillip Prison, St Paul's Unit, Victoria

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