APT comes to you for a Personalised Training &/or Pilates session – bringing all required equipment* and even a towel and water if required – you just throw on your gear and off you go!   APT has sourced the most innovative and versatile mobile equipment to give you a workout you would not believe possible - this has been developed over the past 11 years and includes the amazing MOTR (formerly CoreFitnessRoller - APT is a foundation Australian Instructor) See APT Facebook page for demo videos - click here for MOTR sample video






"I started with Andrea in August 2008 after having my second child and wanting a short-term kick-start to getting back in shape. But…. I quickly became addicted to Andrea’s cheerful enthusiasm and strong focus on supporting me achieve my physical improvement goals! Andrea has kept me focussed and on-track for over 5 years now and, I can honestly say, I am in the best health I have ever been.


She has regularly evolved my exercise programme through the introduction of new exercises and new exercise equipment (all portable!) like the CoreFitnessRoller and Equalisers. Every change or variation has been fun and exciting and introduced at the right time to continue development and improvement of my fitness. I truly appreciate Andrea’s knowledge to get and keep me in great physical condition in a way I can maintain myself. My goal has always been to be generally fit and healthy with good core strength and flexibility and be able to sustain this for years to come.


Andrea’s depth and wealth of nutrition and well-being knowledge, coupled with her desire to develop achievable life-long exercise habits for her clients have allowed me to accomplish this. I believe she has made intrinsic changes to me that will keep me fit and healthy for the many decades ahead and pass similar great habits on to my children."  


Sue T (mobile PT Client) 


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