Mobility Matters



Why would you want to attempt to get fit if it just hurts to move?

APT'S simple effective straight forward method to bring back mobility, ease of movement, improved posture and a quality of life. It's never too late to start and the smallest well understood movements introduced consistently into ones daily routine will make a massive positive difference. This is ideal for anyone 

over 45, regardless of whether you have ever exercised in your life, no need to get on the floor, you will learn to tune into yourself and enjoy that you have choices, that is the key.

Background and why Mobility does Matter

A very special concept created by APT for those who find moving difficult, painful and are not comfortable in a large gym environment. Andrea launched #mobilitymatters in 2019. Simple ways to mindfully move and stretch, connecting brain and body in a unique and straight forward way. Using a chair only and working from the feet through to the head, creating awareness and ways to improve quality of daily life. 

Mobility Matters is a combination of her own need to keep range of motion and move freely for her own mobility and happiness, combined with 

13 years of working with individual clients and Small Groups of very diverse ages and challenges. 

MOBILITY MATTERS PROGRAM - Term 2  class bookings OPEN

2021 Program info HERE



What does Life Look Like at 59? 

21.12.19  Andrea's Story featured in the My Menopause Transformation news

MOBILITY MATTERS FINDS IT MOMENT amongst the mayhem in 2020!

Andrea was invited to present Mobility Matters for the first Australian Healthy Ageing Summit in Brisbane in March 2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic lock-down the week before, the event went virtual and Andrea was able to present Part 1 (Why?, MM Stories and the 10 Key Ingredients to MM success) and Part 2 (how to structure a MM Class and a practical workshop class experience) via Zoom (now in the Portal of HAS2020)

In June/July 2020 Mish Wright from COTA Vic Strength for Life, invited Andrea to present the 2 part Mobility Matters Presentations live to the providers for COTA Vic & Australia. Here is Part 1 of the COTA Mobility Matters Presentation.

Intro by Mish Wright (3.28 mins - left/bottom of page) followed by > Part 1 (51 mins - right/below)


























Some feedback from COTA Providers - Mobility Matters:

Part 1 

"I watched the video and am so very impressed. 

It was informative, refreshing & encouraging to hear someone else with the same level of passion you have yourself, exciting to hear someone who has such kindness and caring for people in general, not just their clients. Thanks so much for this."


Part 2 (practical)

"The moving portion of the seminar was excellent and even as an exercise professional, I had to make a slight adjustment to my posture.  I had come in from doing hard garden work and so afterwards, I felt wonderful as I had not stretched yet. I was also thrilled at the knowledge imparted to us by Andrea, as I have had ideas about mobility, having worked with older adults for over 12 years.  Now I have more knowledge as to how to put this in to practice further and with more confidence and some wisdom.


Thanks again, Mish, I so appreciate all you are doing for us. Please pass on my gratitude to Andrea, she really is a vast treasure trove of knowledge and so generous to bless us with it.  She has taken things I would love to have done, over the years and blazed the trail, leading to a better life for many people.  I am so impressed!"

Mobility Matters Zooms into living rooms in 2020 

During the first Lock-down in March 2020, Andrea hosted another FREE MM Class online live via Zoom - engagement and interest was fantastic and hence APT has continued to offer fortnightly online Mobility Matters Zoom Sessions with a revision/practise video for those who sign up. It's reaching people who cannot get out of their homes, are remote and isolated, vision impaired and of course who logistically could not come to her local studio in Richmond.

The age range has been 40's to 80's and many after just a few sessions are reporting weekly small victories that are opening up their lives again, reducing or eliminating pain and most of all giving them improved mobility and happier life quality. 

Mobility Matters feedback from 2020 Live online & recorded Classes

Becoming aware of my posture and gaining knowledge about my alignment was invaluable to me . I put the foot exercises as part of my non negotiables right from the beginning and it improved my plantar fasciitis incredibly as I practised them every day . I really love concentrating on the breathing as I have asthma and diaphragm deep breathing is important . Over the years I have developed a shallow pattern of breathing that I am aware of and with the correct posture which is so much part of Mobility matters I am working on these exercises as well. I have made an improvement in flexibility and I love how Andrea goes over all the essentials each class and then extends us if we are capable to do it . It is great to have the video to refer to during the two weeks .  Monica



I am now quite confident doing my 'mobility matters'. I find I can 'relax' into the session, which is like a wave caressing my body! I have the tools to get through awkward physical moments and this has made me feel confident about my imminent knee reconstruction.     Liz


I’m thrilled that funny old Covid was the game changer for this oh so important concept and class.  Kate



I love Mobility Matters. I have gotten so much from it. I have discovered that Mobility is mental as well as physical, that experiencing the benefits so clearly, along with Andrea's encouragement and sense of fun makes me look forward to every session.    Lynda



I’ve loved how Mobility Matters has grown with us participants over the year and still stays grounded in the basics. I have learned so much and continued to find more mobility.    Janet

Mobility Matters Feedback after one Small Group Intro Session when it was launched in 2019

Did you learn or enjoy anything from the Mobility Matters Intro Class that resonated personally?

'I enjoyed being in a class and doing some different exercises that were still gentle but moved more of me.'

'It is never too late to start exercising again and also important to consider the language we employ when talking about our previous exercise regime. Also, need to be kind to ourselves. Also, important to keep moving through the aches and pains!'

'Yes the progressive routine of all the stretching techniques'

'I loved the class. We are never too fit or too young etc to have an update on mobility essentials. I really enjoy learning from you, even the smallest details.'

'Now I think about my posture, starting from the feet upwards. I never even really considered my neck posture before. So this new awareness is fantastic.'

Did you notice any difference directly after the MM class? 

'I felt very alive afterwards. The journey back to work was still adrenalin fuelled.'

'Definitely walked more freely and also at a greater pace.'

More Mobility Matters & APT 2020 feedback here