Mobility Matters


Why would you want to attempt to get fit if it just hurts to move?

APT'S simple effective straight forward method to bring back mobility, ease of movement, improved posture and a quality of life. It's never too late to start and the smallest well understood movements introduced consistently into ones daily routine will make a massive positive difference. This is ideal for anyone 

over 45, regardless of whether you have ever exercises in your life, no need to get on the floor, you will learn to tune into yourself and that is the key.

Background and why Mobility does Matter

A very special concept created by APT for those who find moving difficult, painful and are not comfortable in a large gym environment. Andrea launched #mobilitymatters in 2019. Simple ways to mindfully move and stretch, connecting brain and body in a unique and straight forward way. Using a chair only and working from the feet through to the head, creating awareness and ways to improve quality of daily life. 

Mobility Matters is a combination of her own need to keep range of motion and move freely for her own mobility and happiness, combined with 

12 years of working with individual clients and Small Groups of very diverse ages and challenges. 

NEW MOBILITY MATTERS 4 WEEK PROGRAM -  starts 4 February 2020 - info/bookings here

21.12.19  Andrea's Story featured in the My Menopause Transformation news  

What does Life Look Like at 59?

Mobility Matters Feedback after one Small Group Intro Session in 2019

Did you learn or enjoy anything from the Mobility Matters Intro Class that resonated personally?

'I enjoyed being in a class and doing some different exercises that were still gentle but moved more of me.'

'It is never too late to start exercising again and also important to consider the language we employ when talking about our previous exercise regime. Also, need to be kind to ourselves. Also, important to keep moving through the aches and pains!'

'Yes the progressive routine of all the stretching techniques'

'I loved the class. We are never too fit or too young etc to have an update on mobility essentials. I really enjoy learning from you, even the smallest details.'

'Now I think about my posture, starting from the feet upwards. I never even really considered my neck posture before. So this new awareness is fantastic.'

Did you notice any difference directly after the MM class? 

'I felt very alive afterwards. The journey back to work was still adrenalin fuelled.'

'Definitely walked more freely and also at a greater pace.'

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