Personalised Training

9 great reasons to do APT Personalised Training:

1. One-on-one (or two on one) casual sessions or Value Packs - MOBILE OR STUDIO    

2. Level 3 PT (top tier) Supporting your success! Click here  

3. 45-60 minute sessions – focusing totally on the needs and goals of the individual, great way to learn technique, be motivated, improve your

nutrition, eating habits & lifestyle, kick & keep your goals most effectively!

4. Your session can be a combination of whatever is required and what you enjoy!

5. Focus is on your mobility, fitness, healthier lifestyle and areas of the mind & body that need strengthening.

6. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is your own Personal Trainer. This is an important relationship which makes you accountable but

also really look forward to your training sessions, because it’s the one time it IS all about YOU!

7. The variations and types of exercise and equipment with APT is innovative and endless! 

Boxing, Free weights, Bosu, Fitball, Medicine ball, Resistance bands, Equalizers (click here for EQ Demo), MOTR but also brilliant body strength exercise & Pilates mat, that requires no equipment at all and can be done anywhere anytime!

8. Learning to workout yourself is a huge benefit of APT training. We design your ideal program and tweak and change it accordingly.

9. There is nothing like a friendly face and supportive one-on-one relationship with someone you trust - humans need to interact and be lifted up by those who they feel good being around. Face-to-face will never be replaced. 

Mobility Matters 

A very special new concept created by APT for those who find moving difficult, painful and are not comfortable in a large gym environment. Andrea launched #mobilitymatters in 2019. Simple ways to mindfully move and stretch, connecting brain and body in a unique and straight forward way. Using a chair only and working from the feet through to the head, creating awareness and ways to improve quality of daily life.

Mobility Matters is a combination of her own need to keep range of motion and move freely for her own mobility and happiness, combined with

12 years of working with individual clients and Small Groups of very diverse ages and challenges. 

Mobility Matters FREE Class on Tuesday 7 May at 11.30am at Burnley Backyard - Info & bookings here



"Andrea is a great trainer with fantastic technique and a real passion for helping people. I have trained with a lot of people over the years and Andrea is one of the best! She constructs her sessions thoughtfully and with her clients in mind - there are always levels so you can challenge yourself. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrea to others - she is the bomb!



"Three months ago, I wanted to challenge myself and participate in the half-marathon run at Run Melbourne. Having run on and off the past few years, each time stopping because of knee troubles, I thought it was time that I got some professional training to reduce the risk of injury and put me on the right path.


Andrea was recommended to me by a friend, and I have been so grateful for her support and guidance over the past 11 weeks, as she gave me the necessary training and emotional support to achieve my goal. She is generous and kind with her time, and set clear goals for me along the way, making the journey to my final run the most enjoyable thing I have ever participated in. I highly recommend Andrea for anyone who wants a physical mentor/a helpful counselor/or just to have someone they would enjoy working out with.


Thank you, Andrea. You are the best."    



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