One-on-one, in a small group, 6 to 8 Week Fundamentals Course or a 90 minute one off workshop THE MINDful MOVEment (gain new awareness and ways to enhance everday life with Mindful Movement & Pilates). You can join one of our APT Small Group weekly Sessions - Functional Fitness for Life or Curcuit/Pilates - created by APT to assist every person to be mobile, strong, flexible and aligned with their own life and feel amazing!


APT is a great believer in Pilates matwork as well as stretching (We offer one on one assisted Stretching Sessions)

That said being a 2012 Australian foundation instructor for the CoreFitnessRoller adds the benefits of Pilates Reformer bed exercises and so much more in our 2 studios.  Newly named the MOTR by Balanced Body in the US, this is the most innovative and versatile mobile piece of equipment ever invented. You have to experience it to believe it and APT would be delighted to introduce it to you in your Personalised Training &/or Pilates workout.  Click here for sample MOTR exercise demo.


The positive benefits of Pilates 


Here’s what APT clients say:


APT client

“Since adding Pilates to my workouts with Andrea I feel stronger and have more awareness of my core strength. People have commented that my posture has really improved. I didn't expect that.”            


APT client 

What do you feel has been beneficial to you learning, using and having Pilates technique introduced into you PT sessions?

“I have re-acquainted myself with proper posture. I now walk and run better (great for fitness!) and sit at a desk with much better posture avoiding an aching back and sore neck.

My abdominals and pelvic floor are now regularly, reliably and better engaged than ever before which means I can do more activity with my kids. My balance has improved and I am generally more aware of the proper way to move to do anything throughout the day.”



What is Pilates?   **Click here for a history of Joseph Pilates** 

German-born guru Joseph Pilates (1881-1967) devised the Pilates system in the 1920's, a unique sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony. He began with bedridden patients when he was an orderly in an infirmary using bed springs for light resistance, later refined and became known as the reformer. His concept grew and he moved to New York, opening  a studio near the New York City Ballet in 1926. It wasn’t long before he attracted a large following of dancers who took to Pilates for its ability to create long, lean muscles and strong, streamlined physique.  The word of Pilates began to spread in the 1940’s as some of his students opened their own studios and made subtle adaptions to the method. By the mid 1990’s, mind-body fitness methods took off as people started seeking gentler paths to health and wellness. Top athletes and Hollywood stars embraced Pilates and more recently it has become successful with Physiotherapists as a rehabilitation tool as research continues to conclude how important core stability and strength is in injury management.


Amazingly enough my own experience when I was a young dance student of 17 training in London with my ballet teacher guru, was of ‘Pilates’ based exercises. I did 2 hours a day of floor work and at the time (1978) people felt this was extreme and strange. My teacher was ahead of his time and had similar ideas and methods to Joseph Pilates. Pilates was not the fashionable word we know it as today. He enabled me to achieve my own ballet ambitions with a physique deemed unsuitable, through sheer mind and body connection mixed with determination and hard work. In a nutshell, I had longed to dance with the London Festival Ballet (now English National Ballet) ever since I was 10 when they had toured to Melbourne with the legendary Rudolf Nureyev . . .7 years later I was in that company working alongside this legend.



APT’s 6-8 week Pilates Course:

"Dear Andrea

I would like to thank you for the gift of the past 8 weeks in Pilates fundamentals. I enjoyed the classes greatly, and really understood the way you explained where to focus our energy, strength and relaxation!  Although I have done other classes that have a similar focus, I have never been so clear about each move and muscle as I have in your class.  You are a born teacher, and your own posture is a constant source of inspiration for me.  Since doing the course I have toned, strengthened and developed a body awareness that I haven’t felt for more than a decade.  I sit, stand and walk with more confidence and pleasure in my physicality.  I would (and have) recommended this course to anyone seeking to rejuvenate their body."      



“What I did enjoy about it (the course) was going through the exercises in the correct way. I had done almost all of them at some time in various  gyms…not realising they were all Pilates exercises and probably not doing them the correct or most beneficial way.  I certainly think that Pilates will help my running as well as general posture. . . Thanks again for your patient teaching.”                       Gillian  

What were you hoping to get out of this 6 week course?

Really just to move and improve!


Do you feel you have gained a good understanding of Pilates     fundamentals and how it can help you in your everyday life?

Yes ... and I definitely have made changes to everyday things as a result of what I have learned.


What did you enjoy most about the course?

The small classes and the way you teach ... I like building on each lesson and relating learnings to everyday life.


Will you continue with Pilates sessions in the future?

Yes, I was planning to.


Would you recommend this course to others?