APT offers a great variety of programs & training options focusing on joining the dots, mind, body and spirit.

Click on the links below to find the perfect balance for you. Programs build from standing & sitting (no floor work) mobility & postural improvement (Mobility Matters) to functional fitness, strength, cardio, flexibility and deep relaxation (bodyART)

APT can create what you need for YOUR life - online & Studio now provides even more flexible and convenient options.

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Personalised one on one & group sessions with a difference! Why train with APT?  Find out here

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One-on-one (or two on one) casual sessions or value packs - 45 minute sessions.

Focusing totally on the needs and support of the individual, great way to learn technique, improve lifestyle & nutrition, be motivated to kick & keep your life changing goals faster!



One-on-one, buddy training or Small Groups - Pilates improves everything you do!

We make Pilates accessible for all - mat, small equipment & MOTR Magic . . . APT specialises in creating what YOU need for your best life. 



Functional Fitness, bodyART Training and Circuit/Pilates are all designed to benefit not just moving well but moving smarter - A holistic approach brings huge health & fitness benefits using combinations of Strength & Functional Training, Cardio, Free Weights, Balance, HIIT Training, Barre, Pilates Mat, Stretching & Relaxation. These sessions are aimed at challenging every individual, while working at the appropriate and safe level for each person.     



APT uses the principles of ballet barre in a user friendly up-beat way. With her professional Ballet background – Andrea will challenge your body to lengthen, strengthen and become more flexible with these special sequences. One on One Assisted Stretch Sessions available.



APT has developed a very simple user friendly method to help you improve or regain your mobility. Targeted to the over 45's and those who have lost confidence to move due to pain and sedentary lifestyles. Mobility Matters Group Sessions run via Zoom fortnightly. No kneeling or floor work is involved - improving posture & accessing joint mobility with a new understanding and confidence in yourself. 2020 gave Mobility Matters it's moment in friendly live interactive online sessions. 2021 brings you more.



Currently weekday mornings Personalised Training, Pilates & Small Group Sessions including

unique bodyART training is available @ Phoenix Studio, 656 Bridge Rd, Richmond.

(see timetable)     *Studio sessions resumed 13 Nov 2020. 

Casual private or weekly bookings are done via an email available sessions list each week

(sign up via our contact page) or click on the pink link on our Timetable page. 




APT offers Mobility Matters, mindful movement, pilates, bodyART and group wellbeing & fitness coaching in many varied settings and venues.  Ever thought of booking a bodyART class for your office staff or fundraiser?   It can be done via Zoom anywhere!

LifeART workshops -   Reach out to APT for a chat