Thrifty Tabata Workout

We can all waste 5 minutes in our day, right? APT is a great believer in consistent regular functional movement. What better way to kick start this or maintain your daily movement while on the term break or away on holidays, than a 4 minute tabata workout followed by a stretch.

Here is my latest APT Tabata - you can do anywhere anytime.


1. March

2. Squat

3. X Punch

4. Star Jumps

5. Bicep Curls

6. Tricep Kickbacks

7. Thrusters

8. Swing thru

Do each of the above 8 exercises for 20 seconds with a 10 second changeover = 4 minutes.

Find a cool Tabata track that will count you in and out of your sets to make it fun and easier.

Next do a Stretch (coming next on the Blog) and you will be amazed how good you feel and how much better you will move.

Are you in? See you soon.

Andrea :)

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