Small Steps & the magic of MOTR

So 2018 has kicked off . . . do I hear that catch phrase, oh I was going to do amazing exercise workouts everyday and whoops I have already missed that bus? Oh well too late now . . .

Here's my suggestions to help you ease in, stick with it & get results any time you decide to:

1. Don't set unrealistic goals for yourself - start with 10 - 15 mins a day or even alternate days.

2. Create a Small Step Plan you know is achievable for you - don't set yourself up for failure and the famous phrase - 'I SHOULD really be doing a 10 km run every day to get fit (ha ha) . . . ' Because guess what, you shouldn't and you won't !

3. Build up slowly - start with good basic fundamentals you know you CAN do well - make sure your technique is spot on and then gradually up the intensity and difficulty. This will enable success in

2 ways: A.) You will improve your strength and fitness. B.) You are far less likely to get injured from poor technique or low fitness level trying to do something inappropriate.

4. If you are not sure where to start or need help with technique - get some support/advice from a Personal Trainer you trust and enjoy working out with. One of the best investments you will ever make is getting expert eyes on you, to improve your understanding of your own body and mind and how to connect it most effectively. Videos are a great resource, but remember no one is checking you are executing the exercises correctly and that is invaluable to your safety, knowledge, and improvement.

5. Find exercise that you enjoy - that both challenges you and gives you some healthy nurturing as well. Here is an MOTR workout that only takes about 12 minutes but is super effective and gives that re-synced, focussed, feel good after glow :)

APT specialises in the perfect blend of functional exercise, personal training, pilates and bodyART training to enable each person to find the right balance of challenge to strengthen and improve their fitness as well as nurturing to calm and de-stress for optimal wellbeing. APT has also collaborated to create LifeART to bring the joy of Moving, Singing and Breathing in the most joyful intuitive way

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