Are we obsessed with quick fix so called challenges?

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and I feel quite strongly about it.

Over 10 years in my own business

I have observed and learned a great deal over the past 10 years running my Personal Training & Portable Pilates business. I began using Social Media simply because I was told by a Mentor I respect, that I had to, to have a presence and be accessible. But there is so much more to being an authentic and worthwhile part of the evolving Australian Health and Wellness Industry. Small business is a valuable part of this and yet it still seems like a case of who has the glossiest Social Media Campaign, regardless of quality and integrity. I don't mean Social Media doesn't have a valuable place either, it does, but look beyond, seek out new things, stop and really read what someone has to say, make direct contact and ask questions and above all give them a chance. You may be missing out on incredible opportunities and positive benefits that you can create for yourself with a bit of good old fashioned patience, consistancy and effort.

Short attention spans mean we are missing out

With the declining attention span of people and the 'Google it' headspace - people are so very influenced by the quick fix challenge mentality. Is this just playing on the lazy, pop a pill quick fix side of human nature to bring the $ in? If you can move past the 8 second attention span many have, when scrolling through the constant noise and images in our faces, I welcome you to read my blog There may be some real pearls for you to discover, should you have the patience to give it your full attention and time.

Click here for my blog :):

Andrea x

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