Re-design Your Life - Small victories that really count!

APT Client Personal Success:

I am excited and super proud of one of my very special clients this week. Let me tell you why.

  1. First Step - When this client first contacted me she was very nervous & vulnerable and it was a huge step just to make contact and talk about her life. She was open from the start about how things had become very difficult in everyday situations, which also meant giving up doing things she loved and were her joy in life.

  2. Learning - To start with, learning to do some fundamental things like breathing, squating, push-ups with awareness of core engagement, alignment etc was challenging, but she stuck with it. There were ups and downs and times when it all fell away, BUT she was ‘learning’ valuable information about herself and I started to hear about ‘small victories’ that made a positive difference to her everyday life.

  3. Nutrition - When we got into the nutrition side of things it was tough and I offered to back off that area at one point, only to be told, no I WANT to improve my nutrition and get healthier. She said, I have gained so much in my physical mind & body, it’s time to face this head on or I am only addressing half the equation.

  4. Starting again - There was a period of time after a break where we reviewed and refreshed and decided to start again with knowledge so far gained. To start to redesign her life, to specifically tailor it to her on all levels. Mainly with me asking questions and she made decisions for herself, what the next step she was willing to take and commit to.

  5. Her own design - Over the last 2 months this person with just a little help and support from me now gets up and stretches daily (we designed a 6 minute MINDful MOVEment Step 1 as we called it) as well as eating a balanced more nutritional breakfast. Has built up to 4 short workouts a week (Step 2 designed specifically and progressed gradually) plus 2 short walks and now has 3 sugar free days a week!

  6. Small victories with huge benefits - Not only am I proud, I love hearing how these steps and personal decisions implemented into her daily & weekly routines have made such a massive difference to her life! Hearing her exclaim with pride and a sparkle in her eyes, that she feels such huge wellbeing benefits both physically & mentally, which includes daily mobility wins, doing things that were once traumatic, easily! New confidence is evident and this in turn has created personal happiness.

  7. Singing for joy - One of the major goals was to go back to singing (this person has a kick ass voice) and 12 months down the track she has. Sounds simple, but it had become so difficult to get to the venue, stand for extended periods, so she had given it away.

An 'apt' approach. I have several APT Clients who have tapped into this approach & literally re-designed their life, adding small but integral actions, mindset and newfound mind, body & soul knowledge tools they feel very confident to implement. Having a weekly check-in is not just about exercise programs, it's about support, growth, applauding the small victories and helping them get back on track when other stuff gets in the way. Stuff being ‘life’ of course and the worn out old saying ‘I don’t have time’ fades away and we talk about why it happened, how they feel about it and how things can be brought back gradually to a good place on their terms within their particular situation and life. The more I listen, the more I can ask the right questions and offer solutions or ideas to guide them towards where they feel they want to go. The final destination and goal can change or even be unknown as long as there is mutual respect and positive communication shared with great outcomes. No judgement, no competition or self comparison, complete self acceptance and a desire to find a healthy life balance through challenge and nurture, using intuition within as the starting point.

It's not just about exercise. Always happy to help create movement routines that improve, enhance and maintain my clients bodies and have plenty of knowledge and experience to do this. But it's connecting them from the inside as a whole person that is the relationship APT aims to create. It’s amazing what can grow from this process and the client I have just written about is a shining example with plenty more ahead.

Andrea Gaze

PS. Amazingly a week after I wrote about this, World Gratitude Day popped up and this very client shared their story and gratitude on Social Media, here is what she wrote:

As today is World Gratitude Day I’m taking the opportunity to tell you Andrea how grateful I am that I made contact with you 15 months ago to talk about how a very overweight 52 year old with knee and feet problems and a shocking diet could stop the way she was going and start to take control of her health and fitness. I’ve had my ups and downs over this time. However through it all you’ve been there not only to pat me on the back when I have a breakthrough but also to ask me what I want to do next when I have a breakdown. I am fitter and stronger. I have less pain. I even think about what food I use to fuel my body sometimes. I’m making better choices. Yes I can hear you saying that I’m doing this. Please understand that I’m doing this because you’ve shone the light and cleared the obstacles out of my way. It would not have happened without you. I’m also grateful to Kate who introduced us all those years ago because if I hadn’t known you I would probably still be thinking about doing something rather than doing it. 💕❤️💕

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