My Big Challenge

My Big Challenge

My biggest challenge always, is to persuade people to try something new, especially given bodyART is still relatively unknown in Australia. The unknown can be confronting and many feel self conscious and concerned they will not be comfortable in a new environment with new people. However I have many who gave bodyART a go and are now happily hooked!

Let me tell you a few things about bodyART training, that began in Europe in 1994. Firstly it is not a fad or a fitness trend, it’s a holistic philosophy for life, based on Yin and Yang balance, complete self awareness & acceptance. I have 100% faith in the incredible benefits bodyART brings to those who participate regularly, and every single class I teach, the participants tell me how calm, energised they feel and excited about embracing whatever is next, even after arriving feeling tired & exhausted.

When I first began my bodyART teaching journey, I asked my APT small groups if I could practise teaching the first bodyART element (EARTH) and then I introduced the second element (WOOD).

I received messages from clients telling me how amazing they felt that day and when was the next bodyART element coming! It was a confirming start, these people trusted me and were happy to try something within a regular session, but then they were quickly asking for more! Many of these people still attend bodyART every week and absolutely love it ! Regular bodyART’ists voice big benefits too, such as eliminating back pain, sorting plantafaciitis, releasing stress, greater body & core strength, greater flexibility, sleeping well plus joint & muscle joy (when you feel like a car that just had a service & is running smoothly & beautifully)

From my very first experience in 2015 with the Creator Robert Steinbacher at Filex Fitness Professionals Convention, I was changed, I wasn’t even sure what I had just done, I just knew I felt amazing and different to any other class I’d ever done! I knew I had discovered a practise for life and I wanted to share & teach others to experience it too. I will simply conclude by saying bodyART taps into the mind body & spirit in it’s entirety.

Grab your buddy and join us in the candle lit magic Zen Studio Space at 656 Bridge Rd, Richmond. Thurs 6am & every second Friday at 9.15am, there are still a few spots - everything is provided, including Lululemon mats.

Give it a go - you may just love it! 👣☯️💜

ps. You can book a bodyART Pop-up Class for healthy lifestyle events, workplace wellness, school wellbeing and more - Next pop up is Sunday 21 July 8.45am at Maclaey Park, Balwyn for Miss Spartan.

Like the sound of this . . . you may also be interested in LifeART - a unique experience that includes both bodyART & VoiceArt - upcoming event 14 Sept 2019 in Southbank

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