Small Group Training Sessions

APT Small Groups are an intelligent combination of Functional movement, Strength, Cardio, Balance, HIIT Training, Barre with Pilates Mat and Stretching bodyART training. APT specialises in bodyART  - creating a new awareness for life.

These sessions are aimed at challenging every individual, while working at the appropriate and safe level for each person.  The session puts you through a wonderful empowering mind and body process with music, that will energise, strengthen, focus and de-stress. 


With a maximum of 10 people per session, this really is SMALL group training at it’s best.  

The trainer can really focus on ‘training’ AND ‘teaching’ every individual in the session, as well as keeping an eye on safe technique and cheer on every person's improvements!  APT Small Groups have a supportive, friendly, fun atmosphere and are always in a spacious Studio.    


APT's Group Class (Studio & online) Descriptions here 


Small Group Sessions and Group Fitness Classes – What’s the difference?


One of the reasons for my choice of becoming a Personal Trainer was not only help people get on track with their fitness and overall wellbeing but to really mentor and teach them. One of my great joys in my work is passing on the knowledge I have gained over a lifetime of professional classical ballet training, working on big commercial shows in all areas onstage and off and my time in the health and fitness industry specializing in one on one training.


I have always had my eye firmly on ‘Small Group Sessions’ as I believe that personalized attention can still be maintained as well as developing a camaraderie and support amongst the group. The APT Small Group Community are a really supportive friendly bunch of people I am immensely proud of. My experience with small groups has been about knowing each individual and their personal health & exercise history and working with this knowledge to make their session a very individual experience with the friendliness of a regular bunch of familiar faces. Every person is known by name in every session and every person will receive individual corrections during the Session.  The emphasis can stay on technique and monitoring each person in the session – to be sure they are exercising with safe and excellent form.


Group fitness classes are great fun – I do teach some guest group fitness classes & I have enjoyed group fitness classes over the years myself and still do when I can. However I am fortunate to have the knowledge to monitor myself and my technique and make safe choices for my individual needs. I prefer to be able to offer APT Clients the Small Group Session experience for all the reasons above and it works really well and effectively when either combined or started off with Personalised Training Sessions.  The people in my Small Groups are more confident with their option choices and this is not just great for fitness and strength but empowering them with greater self esteem and confidence in life. 


The Ideal Way


The ideal progression for anyone wanting to get fit or fitter and stronger, feel more agile and healthier would be:

  • Do at least a couple of one on one sessions with a trainer (say you were going to do Pilates, then a few sessions with a Pilates Instructor to establish the foundation of what Pilates technique is)

  • Then join a ‘Small Group Session’ on a regular basis (max 10 people) and continue learning and establishing good technique as well as improving your fitness. Small groups are fun as well, you look forward to seeing the people in the group, the connection becomes a motivator and an enjoyment factor.  Some APT clients do a combo of PT sessions and Small Group Training each week. The APT Community has become a safe, friendly, supportive, non-competitive, welcoming environment to join.



"Great classes, can work to your own level, no pressure. All aspects well explained, great encouragement, lovely friendly environment to exercise in." 



"I'm so happy to have found you!  I know the classes are making me fitter and stronger and I really welcome the challenge of continuously improving. You definitely do have a unique style of teaching which I really enjoy.  I feel very at ease in the class and can improve on my own strengths at the right pace, whilst continuously learning.  Looking forward to feeling better and better!"


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