The ABC of APT

The ABC of APT

A - Andrea’s (original) ‘apt’, appropriate, awareness, authentic, awesome, acceptance, articulate, amazing, astounding.

P - Personal (original) personalised, possible, perfecting posture, pilates, process, patience, private, particular, purpose, pride.

T - Training (original) transform, tremendous, terrific, tough, tabata, tracks, total.


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'Joining the dots is how we become fully connected and a whole well-being' 

'Apt sessions take you through a complete well sequenced body, mind & spirit connecting process '


We all need to find exercise and the joy of moving that suits us as individuals. Many people don't enjoy pumping out reps at the gym or running, find what feeds your body as well as your soul. Your goal might be to be able to play with your grandchildren on the floor or run a marathon, everyone has a reason to become more agile, stronger and improve for their own individual life - your goal is to compete with yourself and each day aim to be a better version of you but also to applaud your achievements and be accepting of who you are and that you are be-YOU-tiful. 


One of the things that is wonderful about this era of accessible learning of many physical genres, is the fusion of several methods of movement being used to benefit our minds and bodies. Taking the user-friendly simple techniques of strength training, Pilates, Yoga, ballet and bodyART training, is a powerful mix that has incredible benefits, but must be taught and executed with meticulous knowledge and eye for detail. 

APT prides itself on just that!


*April 2015 " I am so excited about bodyART coming to Australia - I did just a one hour session at Filex 2015 - this one session compelled me to literally jump on a plane 2 days later to Sydney, to embark on 3 intensive days training with Robert Steinbacher (inventor of bodyART) and

Julia Przybilka (bodyART School International) and begin working towards becoming a qualified bodyART Instructor."  

"There is a specificity & synchronicity within bodyART training that is safe yet challenging, that allows plenty of scope to keep improving and growing internally to externally. There is nothing else like it - it's the gap that the fitness, health and movement industry has been looking for in Australia!  -  it's THE MINDful MOVEment at it's best."      (Even Madonna loves it!)  


*March 2016.  Andrea became a fully certified as a bodyART training Instructor in October 2015 after embarking on intensive training with creator, Robert Steinbacher and Head of BodyART School International, Julia Przybilka late April and then completing her education and practise to qualify in October 2015. Andrea then added bodyART Dynamic L2 in March 2016, working with Global Master Trainer, Virginia Winsemann.  She also helped present bodyART Pure at Filex 2016 with the bodyART Australia Team.  

'I am so thrilled and proud to be able to now bring this incredible training to anyone willing to open their heart and mind to a holistic 

functional total mind and body workout like no other! You have to experience a class to understand how amazing it makes you feel, but also how much you will benefit from the combination of strength, flexibility, cardio and breathing. Based on the Yin and Yang and the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodyART training creates a dynamic link between - active and passive movement as well as the effects of tension and release. Taking part in this class will effect and balance each individuals needs naturally as they experience a brand new exciting, energizing and challenging barefoot workout.' 

*July 2017. After working alongside Robert Steinbacher during his recent trip to Australia in April/May 2017 assisting further Level 1 Instructor Training and undertaking the newest Level 2 bodyART Structure, Andrea also assisted with the Filex 2017 bodyART & BAX presentations and filmed Network Magazine upskill videos with Robert for the coming years publications. Andrea continues to offer regular bodyART Classes for Small Groups in Richmond 2 or 3 times a week and recently ran free bodyART Event Classes at both Burnley Backyard and at Lululemon, Chapel St. Her passion for bodyART has grown stronger over the past 2 years and she is in regular contact with creator Robert and the Global team, who all support each other with bodyART in 27 countries around the globe (and growing) 

*April 2018. Andrea was part of the first all Australian bodyART Level 1 Educator Team in Nov 2017 with Lisa Westlake & Lynley Gladdis in both Sydney & Melbourne. In April for Filex 2018 in Sydney, Andrea was an official Presenter for the 'bodyART - Empowerment Through the Elements' alongside Lisa, Lynley and Marcus Irwin. During 2018 she was invited to teach bodyART for Miss Spartan family friendly fitness, after 2 guest classes, they created a weekly bodyART Class in 2019 to complement the Spartan training they specialise in, recognising the mind, body balancing training bodyART brings is very important.

*February 2019 - Andrea launched her 'Mobility Matters' program for Small Groups or individual one-on-one Private Sessions. After the success of the first FREE Class at Phoenix Studio, a second one was held at Burnley Backyard in May. Watch this space for further developments.

*March 2019 - Andrea went to Majorca, Spain in Oct 2018 and did a week of Intensive bodyART Training - experiencing all the bodyART Programs and working with Creator Robert Steinbacher & Global Master Trainers; Christian Gasch (CEO) Virginia Winsemann (new CEO) and Carina Mago. 

Andrea was officially made a bodyART Master Trainer for Australia in 2018 but is also now able to offer Level 1 bodyART Instructor Training for anyone in Australia who is passionately invested in the bodyART Concept and wants to put bodyART into their studio or business. Feel free to contact Andrea to discuss this anytime. Small Private Instructor Trainings can be set up.

*November 2019 - In September, APT hosted an open bodyART Masterclass on Grand Final Friday as well as the 2 day bodyART Stretch L2 Module for Australian  Instructors with Balazs Borsodi from Hungary. The 'Stretch' program was introduced into APT Term 4 for 2019 and was embraced by the APT Small Group Community.


AiM - Andrea began her extensive training with Gary Ward in the Anatomy in Motion method in November 2019 - this encapsulates the flow motion method and adds another layer of incredible understanding of how the joints in the body influence our capacity to move fully from the feet as the foundation upwards through the entire body. Finding centre and accessing three dimensional movement missing in our mobility, can be the key to pain free effortless human happiness. Andrea is excited to be on this journey to help her clients learn more and self diagnose the core of their limitations and pain they may be experiencing, rather than seeking relief without knowing the root of the cause.  

APT announced a STOP, step back, refresh, re-create and re-launch of APT during Dec/Jan.


* NEW APT RE-LAUNCH - FEB 2020 - Very excited to re-launch an evolved NEW weekly APT schedule in February 2020!

New weekly schedule officially launched on 10 January 2020. 


In a nutshell: APT uses the vital ingredients of the following that are all part of THE MINDful MOVEment, adapted to the individual to give every client a beautifully contructed slice of all you need to move and improve and achieve quality in life & your goals.



Functional Movement

Body Strength

Free weights




High Intensity Interval Training 


Basic ballet technique


Moving to music

bodyART training

Stretching & releasing

Stress Relief Relaxation Breathing

Mobility Matters (APT program/method created by Andrea) 

Mindful Meditation


APT is a full mind, body & spirit experience to benefit YOU in every session - whether it be a one-on-one or a small group session, 'apt'  is a short word but what we all need for our own individual joining the dots experience. The sessions are formulated to take you through a process over 45 minutes to one hour - warming the body, moving to music, engaging the mind, breathe and physical self, to be totally focused on where every part of your body is placed and aligned in space. This immediately creates space in the mind, de-cluttering from the inside out and enabling relief from everyday stress and modern lifestyles. All body parts are worked and energised, giving a balanced strength workout using a variety of interval training. With the body warm and energised, a calm focused pilates matwork section giving special attention to areas that cannot be targeted with conventional strength work, but are crucial to achieve correct bio-mechanic action, core stability, postural strength, as well as improve ability to progress. This will in turn, gain better results in all everyday life movement through to elite sport & dance. The Pilates matwork begins a controlled calming of the mind and body including a bare foot top of head to toe lengthening and alignment, which is then brought to completion with stretching and relaxation breathing. The 'process of the sequence of the session' is what you will really benefit from.

APT's bodyART sessions creates all this and a very unique synergy between mind, body & spirit - this is an experience one needs to try as it is impossible to put into words. A calm, centred and focused sense of self is what you will be aware of for the rest of the day. After a few sessions you will realise this kind of MINDful MOVEment exercise is a life practise your 'being' will crave, not just a 12 week weight loss plan you might do and then just go back to your old default habits. This learning and awareness is addictive . . . for life.


Client feedback Nov 2019:

My short time with APT and my bodyART experience has been amazing. After just a few early morning bodyART classes the shift in my thinking was incredible, the inner calm the confidence and the new found energies I now feel are really quite magical. I am now a few months into my bodyART journey and it just gets better after each class I come away feeling so grounded and my body and mind stronger, so in tune with ME. Thank you Andrea