What does APT stand for?

What does APT stand for?


APT stands for these important and fundamental mainstays in life:


1. Awareness - key factor in change and improvement leading to empowerment :)

2. Personalised - caring, nurturing yet disciplined approach to training AND teaching every individual.

3. Training for technique focus - more effective and safer - Pilates technique and Andrea's professional classical ballet background experience           and knowledge underpin all APT training.

4. Simple and functional exercise - to strengthen and empower each individual to move more and enjoy it in everyday life! Anyone can start           and benefit at any age or stage in life.  The sooner you invest in it, the better.

5. Exercise that can be done anywhere at anytime - Exercise that doesn't need machines or expensive equipment - creative sessions                   enhanced by innovative mobile equipment or none at all. You are not reliant on a gym - you can workout because you know how!

6. Enjoyment - 'Move to Improve' - the choice is yours . . . don't do what you think you should, find what you enjoy and consistently commit         to it - try new things - you might even love it! the only person you need to compete with is yourself - self improvement benefits all in your               life not just you!   APT Small groups of up to 10 bring a sense of companionship, motivation, support and drive and this can bring                           community to people in a world where isolation is increasing.  Keeping the group number small, still maintains attention to detail from the               trainer to monitor each individual.

7. Gaining better health and wellbeing  APT stands for all the great qualities of life YOU can gain by exercising – (forget weight loss) – think       the joy of ‘gaining’ great health and wellbeing!

8. Peace and tranquility - APT stands for an experience that not only strengthens the body, but exercises the brain, feeds the soul and brings           an overall sense of peace and calm.


The way YOU 'feel' is the focus.




What sets APT apart?


APT is supervised personally at every session

* Training for technique and understanding of body alignment for all exercise movement

* Correct Breathing technique

* Deep core activation - stabilisation and focus

* Postural understanding & improvement

* Strength building & muscle toning

* Stretching effectively for recovery as well as improved general mobility & flexibility

* Pilates based exercise (safe and improves all you do in everyday life and sport)

* bodyART training - Yin & Yang balance - challenge AND nurture 

* Friendly personalised service - bookings & training with a real person always.

* Support available any time via mobile or email

* Innovative programs (using classical ballet, Functional Training & Pilates experience)

* Mood & emotional benefits & improvement 

* Effective exercise that can be done at home

* APT Private Community Facebook Page 

* Special Free Workout Videos for APT Clients when on a break & for support

* Mobile equipment - effective, innovative, economical and storable (no gimmicks!)

* No empty promises - what you put in is what you will get out of it!

* Lifestyle advise to improve nutrition for energy levels, mood and weightloss

                                                  = maximum health & wellbeing improvement

* Friendly, supportive APT Community 

* Supplier of High quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and skin care products

   (not available retail)



Testimonial - APT Small Group participant:

 'Andrea - you are a force of inspiration. I am always so excited to come to

  bodyART and feel amazing afterwards. Thank you so much :)'             Meg