What & who is APT?

What & who is APT?

Two simple explanations - 'Andrea's Personalised Training' or 'apt' training - a short but perfect word that describes what exercise and movement is ideally for every individual. Totally 'apt' or appropriate for your/their unique needs and goals. 


We are all totally unique & individual.

Every person has a different physique, reason to exercise, goal and emotional approach. Andrea recognises and respects this through her own experience in becoming a professional ballet dancer  at age 17. She was continually told she had a less than ideal physique, but possessed a true passion and love of dance from age 3.  Andrea was fortunate to work with a wonderful mentor and teacher in London, John O'Brian, who helped her work on her mind as well as her body to achieve her dream, to dance with the London Festival Ballet Company (now known as English National Ballet).


'The most important thing I learned was how powerful the mind is over the body and knocking away road blocks planted in my mind as a young child via people who told me I was limited and thought my dream was not achievable'.   'Very significant also (without realizing till many years later) when Pilates became so recognised and popular, that I had been trained by Johnny to align my body plus strengthen and improve areas that would have held me back. While training at the London Dance Centre in Covent Garden under Johnny for 8 months, I did 2 hours of conditioning floorwork a day, as well as my dance training. Many at the time thought this was a strange & unconventional approach!  When I became a Personal Trainer 12 years ago and a qualified Pilates Instructor in 2011, I realised that my fundamental training with Johnny and work as a professional ballet dancer had given me an incredible understanding and foundation to teach others, as well as a passion for empowering people with awareness and knowledge to improve themselves and discover the joy of moving.'


Mental health is equally as important as a mobile fit body.

Secondly APT recognises that exercise is the most incredible natural anti-depressant and mood enhancer. Through some darker times in her own life Andrea was thankful that she turned to her background to move and exercise, rather than more harmful and less healthy choices in ways of coping. 'I was not wanting to be here, I was overwhelmed with loss and grief in my life and found waking up in the morning was like waking up in my own nightmare . . . working out and allowing my mind and body to have relief from this was what helped me find a way back to want to keep going'  My aim is for others to be lucky enough to be given the skills and opportunity I was by amazing mentors and teachers in my life.



APT has grown into personalised training with a combined focus on functional movement and exercise with Pilates.

This is a winning combination on many levels. Every person learns body alignment, deep core activation and correct breathing and respect for what is safe and effective for their body while gaining mobility, fitness, strength and flexibility. There is always an emphasis on what you put in is what you will get out of it, there are no quick fixes, regular and consistant exercise is how to get results. Sessions are either one on one through to small groups, allowing Andrea to always be focused and able to 'teach' every person. APT is about every person's self exploration & self learning and gaining the knowledge to know how to workout at home or anywhere, with little or no equipment. If you know what to do and how you can workout wherever you are, you CAN take charge of keeping mobile, fit, healthy and happy.

APT's 'Mobility Matters' Program focusses on changing one's mindset, accepting where you are at right now and letting go of the past. Implementing simple daily joint mobility movements to gradually improve fully body awareness and mobility. Andrea has assisted and witnessed many clients discover how simple this life-changing process can be as well as her own desire to stay mobile, youthful and happy (now age 59).  



In her ongoing search for knowledge outside the box and what most benefits, creates & maintains a healthy mind, body and spirit complete, Andrea discovered bodyART training in 2015. It was at the national Fitness Professionals Convention in Melbourne, called Filex, it was a match made in heaven! Soon after Andrea undertook intensive training with the creator of bodyART, Robert Steinbacher and head of bodyART School International, Julia Przybilka while they were in Australia. She committed to learning the detailed bodyART concepts and philosophy, as well as the extremely detailed physical technique and proudly became offically certified in October 2015, launching bodyART Classes with APT a month later.  Andrea then undertook bodyART Dynamic Level 2 in 2016, Level 2 bodyART Structure in 2017, spent a week in Spain doing intensive bodyART Training in 2018 with 4 Global Master Trainers and completed L2 bodyART Stretch in 2019. She is the bodyART Australia Ambassador, L1 Master Trainer & Educator and presented bodyART at Filex in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

APT Community

APT's mission has always been to 'make a difference to peoples lives' but also with a desire to create a sense of community on a very small, private and personal level. Andrea never trains with more than 10 people in her own studio small groups, this enables great support, fun and effective sessions with plenty of laughter and interaction. 'I want my clients to feel welcome, cared for and nurtured when they join APT Small Group regular sessions. Once part of this APT community - clients realise there is no competition between individuals, just a desire to support each other, enjoyment and better themselves. They look forward to seeing friendly faces in a non-threatening small group envirement'


What has been wonderful over the years as APT evolved, is the progress and trust of regular loyal clients. Originally mobile and mainly in private homes, clients were often those who said they would never go to a gym. However some of these now train in my studio space in Richmond, one on one AND in a small group and are more mobile, stronger, fitter and healthier than ever!


Andrea Gaze 

Founder of APT 

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