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"….I quickly became addicted to Andrea’s cheerful enthusiasm and strong focus on supporting me achieve my physical improvement goals!"


"Andrea’s depth and wealth of nutrition and well-being knowledge, coupled with her desire to develop achievable

life-long exercise habits for her clients have allowed me to accomplish this."

"….. Andrea has kept me focussed and on-track for over 5 years now and, I can honestly say, I am in the best health I have ever been."


*This client lost

20 kilos over a steady period of time, as well building muscle tone and strength to her body + changed her lifestyle habits to maintain it! 


Personal Training & Small Group Training Testimonial:


Andrea has got me working on my fitness! At my age I simply have had to get my act together. Use it or lose it. I am a grumpy client, but Andrea sails through that challenge every time! And it is very impressive that I have been committed to my combo of weekly pt and class and furthermore I have a developed a strong affinity with bodyART. This says a great deal about Andrea.  Patient, encouraging, warm, consistent and persistant without the ra-ra that so often goes on in the fitness world and finally, very knowledgeable about all aspects of her craft.                                                                                                              (Kate - current client)


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